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What did the idea come from:

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Aqua, as the element that gives life to everything, mobile, fluid, pure essence of our


Yama, from the Japanese “Mountain ”, rock, rigid, strong, cold, at times austere, apparently lacking of life.


From the union of these two opposites our project comes
to life. AquaYama was born from the desire of Nicol ò and Marco, young people with


deep admiration for the natural world. The goal is to bring a corner of Nature, which can arouse emotions in those who observe it. To do this we have decided to create a shop outside the box, a place where you can discover and appreciate the


of the Natural Aquarium. At the entrance you will find the exhibition gallery where it will be possible to observe different types of creations, all visible also from the outside: in this way each passer-by can spend a few moments observing and appreciating these glimpses of nature. We care that every customer can draw inspiration


our works and be able to create your own underwater world. ​ Inside our shop you will discover some


the best products on the market, sel selected to be easily usable and durable over time. ​With our wide availability of rocks and woods you will have the opportunity to create the perfect setting on our “hardscape box ”. We have a large selection of aquatic plants available, from the easiest to manage to the most demanding.

What is Natural Aquarium?

The perfect union between the beauty of Nature and a harmonious environment. Relax your mind by observing a beautiful aquatic landscape where plants thrive in a healthy way and colorful fish swim freely. The Natural Aquarium is based on two fundamental concepts

The beauty of nature:


The question we often ask ourselves is: why as soon as the opportunity arises to escape from everyday life, do we choose to spend our time in a natural place? The answer cannot be univocal, but the ’ aspect that human beings have in common, is the need to spend time in an uncontaminated environment, to be able to find and bring out our most authentic part.

The function of an Ecosystem

Never as in this historical moment has the need arises to understand and respect the delicate balance of the ecosystem that unites us: the Earth.

Enjoying the Natural Aquarium we have the privilege of witnessing the delicate and at the same time complex, processes of the underwater world: to best guard it, our operations on it must be thoughtful  and conscious.

“We are responsible in the aquarium as on our planet, for the actions we carry out ”. Our desire to bring as many people closer to the Natural Aquarium stems from this reflection.


Why nature at home?

Becoming aware of Nature through the beauty and fun of caring for and enjoying a Natural Aquarium leads us to improve ourselves. The Japanese approach


this current of aquarium art recreates settings that exist in nature within the ’ aquarium, using natural materials such as rocks and woods, as well as aquatic plants. It is important to recreate an


that is modest and seemingly casual. The true atmosphere creates the harmony

between the surrounding space and the aquarium. The delicate colors and the aquarium. The light intensities of the Natural

Aquarium are perceived as relaxing and lighten people's thoughts. A small ecosystem that thrives in an
aquarium allows us to see the dynamics of Nature.

Nature Aquarium


In the modern world where Nature once familiar to us is disappearing more and more, the Natural Aquarium can take its place and create peace and harmony in our life.


fact that this type of aquarium is appreciated in the whole world more and more and that nature is gradually disappearing, they can be considered two sides of the same coin. The basic principle to create a Natural Aquarium is to learn


Nature. To be able to recreate a credible landscape you need experience, we we offer ours to appreciate the evolution of the creations day after day.

The value of a Natural Aquarium:

Today Aquariums can be placed in restaurants, in the waiting rooms of clinics and company lobbies thanks to the aesthetic value and therapeutic effects they can offer, there are several scientific studies to support these evidences.



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